Donation of 400 Life-Saving Ventilators

Bahaa & Hassnah Hariri Foundation x The Red Cross
#Relief Response

Working with the Red Cross, Bahaa & Hassnah Hariri Foundation has provided 400 new ventilators to Lebanon. The Red Cross is an independent and impartial international charity working in 191 countries to help people in times of emergency and crisis. The organisation works tirelessly in Lebanon to provide people with essentials such as medical provisions, food parcels and ambulance journeys.

The delivery of 400 ventilators to Lebanon is vital in helping the country overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, and expands the capacity of the Lebanese health sector, which previously only had access to 1,500 ventilators. BHHF is playing an integral role in combatting the Covid-19 pandemic in Lebanon, with the aim of helping communities across the country to quickly return to normal life and rebuild the Lebanese economy.