CODE = Milk

Bahaa & Hassnah Hariri Foundation
#Relief Response

The current economic crisis in Lebanon has led to a severe shortage of baby formula, this combined with the recent changes in government subsidies on basic necessities such as baby formula has put the most vulnerable members of the community at risk. The shortages have increasingly led to cans being sold on the black market at outrageously inflated prices.

Baby formula is a basic necessity for the children of mothers who are unable to breastfeed. Unfortunately with mothers themselves going hungry due to the current desperate situation in Lebanon women are increasingly unable to breastfeed.

BHHF has distributed 28 tonnes of baby milk powder to 10,000 Lebanese families. This is part of a much larger ongoing initiative that intends to distribute a further 14 tonnes of baby formula throughout 2022 totaling in a staggering 42 tonnes with 15,000 families provided with 2 months of free, high quality, Swiss produced RontamilĀ®️ infant and baby formula.

The CODE = Milk initiative runs through our innovative and highly successful CODE = Lebanon online registration platform.

We have 2 pick-up locations across Lebanon for this campaign

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