Letter from our Founders

Around the world, when the topic of Lebanon is shared, the responses are fused with a sense of awe-inspired nostalgia, coupled with deep-rooted pain, tied to the steady decline of the country. For decades and predominantly since late 2019, the Lebanese people have witnessed and endured unprecedented events that have forever altered the fabric of society. What sparked nationwide civil unrest in October 2019, were years and years of injustice that could not go on. What united the Lebanese people on the streets for the days and months that followed, is the undying hope in a nation, a prosperous, independent nation. The economic collapse was solely one facet which shed light on the painful disintegration of society.

Soon thereafter, with the global spread of the pandemic which disrupted societies and transformed lives in general, for Lebanon, which was already crumbling, the challenges brought on by COVID-19 were far greater than what its systems could endure. Then, on August 2020 ,4, a catastrophic blast shook the Lebanese capital, robbed families of precious lives, and broke the hearts of millions, in Lebanon and around the world. At that moment, the world paused and asked, how much more can such a beautiful nation and a vibrant population withstand, and for how long? As these unprecedented events remain etched in the hearts and minds of the Lebanese people, continuing to unfold with the absence of viable solutions, immediate and sustainable plans are needed. The potential of the Lebanese people, the thriving talent that continues to achieve despite the challenges, the richness of its culture and heritage… this is what we seek to support, revive and safeguard at BHHF.

Bahaa & Hassnah Hariri Foundation was created with a sole purpose in mind, to bring about sustainable change in Lebanon. Accordingly, we assessed the various areas that need urgent attention. We explored the imminent needs of the country and its inhabitants, the ways in which long-term change can be created for the people and by the people. We rediscovered the charm of the culture and heritage that characterizes the country. Hence, BHHF, along with its collaborative network, is dedicated to designing foundational opportunities for Lebanese people to prosper. We hope that one day, our children will flourish in a great nation that is Lebanon.”

Bahaa Hariri
Hassnah Hariri
Founder & President

The Bahaa and Hassnah Hariri Foundation

overarching mission

The mission of Bahaa & Hassnah Hariri Foundation is to realize the potential of a prosperous Lebanon, through opportunity creation, for the people.

BHHF is a Lebanese non-profit organization, dedicated to create sustainable change in Lebanon through long-term, strategic initiatives. The Foundation is centered on unlocking the potential of Lebanon and the Lebanese people, by means of urban and rural projects.

Since 2019, Lebanon has witnessed unprecedented events, which have dramatically altered the socio-economic landscape of the country. In this regard, BHHF was founded to create opportunities for the Lebanese people, to realize the true potential of Lebanese talent and in turn, contribute to the economic prosperity and revival of an awe-inspiring country.

To achieve the overarching objectives and realize the true potential of Lebanon, BHHF has formed strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations based in Lebanon, who share the same values and vision. BHHF believes in the spirit of collaboration, and that sustainable change needs the people to unite and work together towards a common goal.

Our Team

The mission of BHHF is to realize the potential of a prosperous Lebanon, through opportunity creation, for the people

Nicolas Saba


Rahlou Azizi Khalil

Vice President