The Akkar Blast Hospital Relief

Bahaa & Hassnah Hariri Foundation
#Relief Response

Following the tragic fuel tank explosion in Akkar on 15 August 2021, that resulted in the loss of 20 precious lives and left over 79 victims severely injured and struggling to recover.

Aligned with the medical needs of the patients Bahaa & Hassnah Hariri Foundation donated to Al Salam Hospital in Tripoli who’s medical team provided unparalleled care to the most seriously injured victims. A considerable donation to three medical clinics in the vicinity of the explosion, who received patients was also made.

The donation went towards supporting the recovery and rehabilitation of patients, as well as for medical supplies and equipment. All of the supported medical facilities have worked tirelessly to provide critical care to the victims of the Akkar blast and BHHF thanks them endlessly for the incredible work that they have done and continue to do for the Lebanese people.